2013 Year in Review


2013 has seen another year of record placements and growth in customer application areas for HTI.  As we reflect back on an exciting and challenging year we wanted to highlight some of the key events:

  • In January we made a temporary move from our technology center to Mesh Engineering who is one of our vendor partners.  The move was positive for both firms and we appreciate the support offered.
  • We enjoyed a very geographically global and varied application scope Open House in February that turned into a number of commercial installations.  We are currently scheduling our next Open House and look forward to further engaging with interested parties in this very dynamic and hands-on introductory program to the benefits of the Spectra Ultra acoustic energy systems.
  • To improve our engineering analysis and testing capabilities, we fielded 2 new development units: the Enterprise Process Analyzer (EPA) as a single nozzle advanced test platform with speed up to 750 fpm and ability to cure materials; and a commercial grade 3 slot module with production speeds up to 250 fpm. These systems have been instrumental in customer qualification and fit-for-use acceptance demonstrations.
  • Commercially, aggressive adoption of our technology led to the addition of new representatives based in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Australia. Interesting to note is that the primary driver for non-North American installations has become the low energy consumption of the Spectra Ultra HE system.  Of course, the throughput increase and reduced footprint also support a rapid ROI but energy cost elimination is the driver.
  • We recognized a need to enhance our staff to support the growth especially into nontraditional application areas.  We hired another engineer with strong background in power systems and mechanical engineering.  Then we added a PhD chemist to bring fundamental process knowledge of customer material needs and the interface of the acoustic field.  Benefits to our customers from these enhanced skill sets have already been significant.
  • We continued to actively process new patent registrations and to ring-fence our technology to insure we deliver the highest quality solutions to our customers.
  • We have been pleased with the development of specific solutions for an even wider breadth of application areas for our customers.  We had installations into such areas as: product cooling, heat sensitive materials, paper manufacturing and coating, and reduction of retained solvents. At the same time we increased our penetration into the areas of cold seal, PSA and the accelerating move to water based systems.
  • We were blessed with a number of follow on installations for several customers as either additional capacity or for new process areas in their businesses.  This is one of the greatest validations of performance and for that we are grateful.
  • Of course for HTI and our customers, we all work to drive sales and in that regard 2013 was particularly positive.  In addition to our “home markets” of the US and the EU, we installed systems in Latin America and Eastern Europe and the trend to new geographies is already in motion as we move into 2014.

In summary, we achieved much success in collaboration with assisting our customers in selling more of their products for improved margins.  We are truly thankful for the continued support of many individuals and organizations.  As we prepare for the start of 2014, we are excited to be moving back to an expanded and improved technical center and look forward to hosting you for technology demonstrations and system acceptance tests.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and all the best for a safe and restful holiday season.