HTI Anilox App – PFFC Top 10 New Products of 2014

HTI Anilox

We are proud to announce that PFFC ranked the HTI Anilox App among its Top 10 New Products of 2014.

Analyzing daily operations in the converting and printing industries, especially when running flexographic & rotogravure presses, coaters, and laminators, can be a challenge. HTI Anilox was designed to be the solution. Our app equips end-users with a solid understanding of how much ink or coating is laid down on the material, determines wet and dry coating thickness, converts data from BCM into g/m2, and more.

A special thanks goes to all those who purchased Anilox! Please contact us to share your experience and ways in which Anilox can better serve you – feedback is an integral part of the app’s development!