HTI Test System

In order to work more effectively and efficiently with customers a pilot scale, test system is available. This system is positioned over a web/conveyor that can be used for initial trials. The test system is designed to give potential customer’s an understanding of the effectiveness of the technology when drying specific customer formulations. The test system while small (18″ active width and 1 turbo slot) is representative of the capabilities of our larger systems. Test speeds are limited to 200 feet a minute using a conveyor or 400 feet per minute on the web. Using the test results it is possible to determine the effect of using additional turbo nozzles to achieve higher throughput or dry heavier coatings. The temperature can be varied from 150o to 300o F. The system is located in Atlanta, Georgia. There is a daily charge for using the trial system. An HTI person will be on site to assist with set up and operation of the equipment.