Spectra HE™ Ultra Drying system on a customer’s pilot coater

HTI has installed its patented (pending) Spectra HE™ Ultra Drying system on a customer’s pilot coater. The system, consisting of three dryer stations, was installed between the IR and Standard Impingement Sections. The photo (bottom right) shows the HTI dryer in place on the coater and the picture above it shows an enlarged picture of the HTI dryers. The goal of the installation was to transfer complete control of the drying from two typical and standard drying technologies (IR and Hot Air Impingement) to acoustic drying technology. The operation of the coater was started using existing drying systems then the drying function was completely transitioned to the Spectra HE Ultra System. The goal was accomplished at a line speed of 150 m/min and load of 10g/m2 dry weight, 40% solids. Coverage, percent solids and speed were as follows:

Operational Information
Speed 150 m/m (492 fpm) 300 m/m (984 fpm)
Coverage (dry wt.) 10 gsm (6.14 lbs/ream) 5 gsm (3.07 lbs/ream)&nbsp
% Solids 40% 40%

The HTI system removed 15 grams of water in 2.72 ft. The following table provides additional data gathered during the installation of the system.

Technology Comparison
Existing Spectra Ultra Change
Energy Consumption 104 kW * 44 kW 58% Reduction**
Dimensions 64.6 ft (19.7 m) 2.72 ft (.83 m) 23 times smaller

* Only energy for the IR system is reported. Energy for the impingement dryers is not included because this energy is steam generated and energy data for this process is not available. ** This calculation is based on available data.