Spring 2014 Open House

HTI Open House
Experience the latest evolution in Spectra-HE technology.  May 19th – 22nd, we invite interested parties and current customers to join in our Spring 2014 Open House.
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Open House Agenda:

>  Demonstration of production scale dryer  in 0.66m (26″) web width for applications such as reduction of retained solvents, drying of water and based inks adhesives etc.

>  Demonstration of the multi-purpose new Enterprise Process Analyzer (EPA).  This fully automated heat and mass transfer unit is ideal for testing of a wide spectrum of industries: food industries and cooling of baked products; converting and coating industries – heavy adhesive coatings, paper coating, drying of water and solvent based inks and coatings, siliconizing; paper industries – paper processing, coating, and drying;  etc.

>  Operational drying tests

>  We also invite you to enjoy a special lunch in tune with the development of HTI and the science of its technology.  Lunch will be served from 1:00-2:00 so that the morning session will end with lunch and the afternoon session will begin with lunch.