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At HTI, we are passionate about the business of heat and mass transfer and have been so since our inception in 1996. Our research and development has been focused on the various instabilities created by heat and high velocity mass flows.

Low Energy Consumption.

Low Energy Consumption


High Speed Graph

High Speed


Small Footprint

Small Footprint


High ROI

Accelerated ROI


  • Increased Throughput and associated product cost reduction
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • High Reliability
  • Smaller Equipment Footprint
  • Reductions of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions
  • Low Maintenance








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  • Converting (OEMs and End Users)
  • Paper
  • Military
  • Commercial and Industrial Boilers (HVAC)
  • Printing (OEMs and End Users)
  • Food Processing (Food Drying and Chilling)
  • Coating Systems
  • Textiles and Carpets Producers
  • Décor
  • Ceiling Tile/Wallboard Manufacturers
  • Chemical/Pharmaceutical
  • Metal Treatment
Spectra HE™ Technology

Discover the optimal Spectra HE™ product for your company. Exceed your goals.

  • Ultra Drying System

    The Spectra HE™ Ultra Drying System is used to dry coatings on all types of materials.

  • Pulse Dryers

    Spectra HE™ Pulse Dryers are based on HTI’s patented pulse combustion technology.

  • IDRS

    Spectra HE™ Impulse Deposit Removal System (IDRS) designed and built by HTI for removal of deposits…